Beton M8
Apartment, Moscow

Bold apartments in Moscow are comfortable and not limited with massive volumes. Public and private areas are airily connected but at the same time are kept separate from each other through proper planning. A transparent partition in the bathroom has been used in the interior to reinforce the lightness of the space. The linear pendant lamp above the bed is combined with the thin frames in the bathroom glazing. In the project we consciously rejected the TV, using an alternative to the projector in order not to make the interior heavier. The upholstery of the bed echoes the concrete ceiling and walls. It does not look aggressively brutal in the project, but rather calms and grounds the space, looking soft and neutral.

The public area is a free space in the kitchen-dining room and living room. The sofa, as well as the bed, compliments the industrial architecture of the ceiling, and red and terracotta shades in the upholstered furniture make the interior softer. A light nuance to the interior is the painting, the elements of which echo the geometric pendant light fixture without breaking out of the space. The blue pouffe is the only accent that visually highlights the hallway area.