House, Singapore

A pure expression of scale, proportion and light, Grizzle House is a comfortable family retreat in the Singapore countryside. There are three floors, including a basement floor, conceived as a separate space to give guests a long and comfortable stay. Lightwells have been designed to create maximum natural light with access through the bedrooms and gym. The project uses a natural color scheme, laconic furniture, and wooden panels on the windows. All the selected materials create interesting light and shadow compositions between each other. Kitchen fronts are unconventionally finished with metal to create a slight visual contrast between the materials, adding depth to the design. The kitchen provides access to the terrace, pool, and fire pit area.

The first floor consists of an open space hall, a living room, and a kitchen-dining room, which create a common and open area for family time. The bright and dominant feature here is the decorative wood which reinforces the connection between nature and the living spaces. This creates a constantly changing play of light and shadow on the floor. The double ceiling height, with the accent pendant luminaire, bathes the spacious entrance in natural light. The second floor is more private and will accommodate two adults. There is a comfortable study with a view of the double height ceiling and a master bedroom, complete with its own private dressing room and bathroom.