The Monk
Apartment, Moscow

Minimalism on the verge of asceticism in The Monk project. If the introvert were an interior, it would look exactly like this. Seemingly unfriendly, but revealing at a detailed consideration enveloping dark color, soft forms and absence of unnecessary details, it is limited only by massive brutal elements in the form of a coffee table in the living room. The accent red and terracotta colors visually separate the kitchen area from the living room. It is reflected in the floor covering and the kitchen island of the same material. The linear geometry of the spaces is accentuated by lamps, blinds, and metal studs in the kitchen and bedroom.

The uniqueness and massiveness of some of the interior items can be seen in the bedside tables in the bedroom where they take the form of an unprocessed piece of stone. The cozy and calm atmosphere of the space is brought about through the unconventional combination of red-terracotta and deep dark in the form of the bed and decorative wood by the window.